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APBA Baseball 5.75 Upgrade 16 is now available for free download. This upgrade supersedes all previous updates.
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What is APBA Online?

APBA will be phasing out the site - this site provided some added league play features to APBA Baseball for Windows multi-user leagues. During this transition period, only minimal support will be offered (server reboots).

APBA is beta testing APBA Games Online (APBAGO). All user accounts will be transfered over to APBAGO with free credits awarded equal to the amount of any out-of-pocket purchases made on (regardless of whether the token(s) were used or not).

Here are the key dates:
  • Sept 29th, 2016: last day accepting new users for
  • Sept 30th, 2016: registration button removed from
  • Week of Oct 3rd, 2016: all user accounts (and appropriate credits) are created in APBAGO (please email by Sept 30th if you wish to opt out of this option).
  • October 3rd, 2017: will shut down.

From October 2016 to October 2017, existing users can continue to use the web site with minimal support.